milk and honey

- by rupi kaur




i've had sex she said

but i don't know

what making love feels like





if i knew what

safety looked like

i would have spent

less time falling into

arms that were not







what am i to you he asks

i put my hands in his lap

and whisper you

are every hope

i've ever had

in human form





you are the faint line

between faith and

blindly waiting

- letter to my future lover





love will come

and when love comes

love will hold you

love will call your name

and you will melt

sometimes though

love will hurt you but

love will never mean to

love will play no games

cause love knows life

has been hard enough already





your name is

the strongest

positive and negative

connotation in any language

it either lights me up or

leaves me aching for days





i want your hands

to hold

not my hands

your lips

to kiss

not my lips

but other places







i always

get myself

into this mess

i always let him

tell me i am beautiful

and half believe it

i always jump thinking

he will catch me

at the fall

i am hopelessly

a lover and

a dreamer and

that will be the 

death of me





don't mistake

salt for sugar

if he wants to

be with you

he will

it's that simple





you whisper

i love you

what you mean is

i don't want you to leave





i didn't leave because

i stopped loving you

i left because the longer

i stayed the less

i loved myself





i don't know what living a balanced life feels like

when i am sad

i don't cry i pour

when i am happy

i don't smile i glow

when i am angry

i don't yell i burn


the good thing about feeling in extremes is

when i love i give them wings

but perhaps that isn't 

such a good thing cause

they always tend to leave

and you should see me

when my heart is broken

i don't grieve 

i shatter





i will not have you

build me into your life


what i want is to

build a life with you

- the difference





people go

but how

they left

always stays





love is not cruel

we are cruel

love is not a game

we have made a game out of love





he isn't coming back

whispered my head

he has to

sobbed my heart

- wilting





i am water

soft enough to offer life

tough enough

to drown it away







the thing about writing is

i can't tell if it's healing

or destroying me





you must enter a relationship

with yourself

before anyone else




if the hurt comes

so will the happiness

- be patient





most importantly love

like it's the only thing you know how

at the end of the day all of this

means nothing

this page

where you're sitting

your degree

your job

the money

nothing even matters

except love and human connection

who you loved

and how deeply you loved them

how you touched the people around you

and how much you gave them




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